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Prachi Enterprises is a leather company that was incorporated with the primary focus on providing an international quality finished leather. As a leather factory, our developed leather is used by various industry segments to manufacture high quality products accordingly. These segments include Wallet, Mouse Pad, Tissue Box, and other Leather Accessories. Being a part of the global leather industry, Prachi Enterprises recognized rapidly changing trends in the global markets. As a leather company, we expanded in manufacturing high-quality leather products for some of the world’s most well-known brands. In our leather factory, we manufacture designs that are traditional as well as trendsetting. As per the needs of leather industry, we manufacture wide variety of finished leather and leather goods to satisfy the mood & taste of consumers around the world.


As a leather manufacturing unit, we manufacture rawhide to finished leather to leather products. With decades of experience in leather industry, our company exports leather and leather goods to 25 countries. We provide complete leather manufacturing services from finish leather to various leather products with modern machinery and hundreds of workforce. Through changing times, the leather quality developed in our leather factory has evolved dramatically. This gives more confidence among buyers, regarding our finished leather and leather products which are manufactured in our leather company. The best leather industry methods and practices are utilized by our leather company in order to satisfy customers’ quality needs.

Prachi Enterprises work as a professionally managed leather company to meet the growing needs of leather industry. We have specialized in finished leather manufacturing and are also a manufacturer of various leather products. As leather factory, we utilize our skills as tanner, manufacturer, and technical expert during production of leather and leather products. This gives Prachi Enterprises a vision of meeting the growing demand for quality leather and leather products across the globe. Our specialty is custom designs for our highly demanding customers. In response to the demands of our customers, we cater to the needs of their customized designs.

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